With every purchase of kalimba, you get to plant a tree.
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Quokka Kalimba

17 keys

C-tone sound box

Lightweight music maker

Magically warm sound quality

Uniquely designed quokka sound hole

Lightly greased tines with engraved notes

Full-English guide on how to begin playing

Protective hard case to travel without worries

Cleaning brush handy for dusting every little corner

Brown colour tabs that match the light natural wood

Carefully crafted from naturally air-dried mahogany wood

With the world's happiest animal on your kalimba,
you can easily make music to your heart's content. 


Boasting its light natural wood colour, the Quokka Kalimba is carefully crafted from solid mahogany wood that is responsibly sourced and naturally air-dried.

Delivering exceptionally warm sounds, the 17-key kalimba features the world’s happiest animal on unique wood gradients, which brings out the hidden joy and makes learning the instrument enjoyable for people of all ages; friendly for adults, children and seniors. With notes already engraved on the metal tines, beginners can rest assured and have an easy start to play the thumb piano. Fret not, a number of simple melodies are provided in the guide, along with an essential tuning hammer. Stick the earthy-sleek brown colour tabs onto the important notes, follow the instructions in the manual and you will soon find yourself enjoying your little music.

On top of a wiping cloth and a cleaning brush for instrument care, the Quokka Kalimba also comes with a wooden stand in the set to display the lightweight and beautiful sound box in your home. To travel around with it, you can choose to use the handy and protective hard case or the space-saving black cloth bag. Either way, the kalimba will be in your safe hands as you mindfully hang it by the straps. What’s more, you can even fit the other useful accessories into the case/bag for a full quality experience of our QT kalimba set anywhere you go. Remember to follow our carefully thought-out packing style (i.e. the way you received the set) to ensure that all the items are in good place. Most importantly (to ensure maximum protection of all the items), the tuning hammer should be nicely tucked in the net and the kalimba stand should be placed flat behind the cloth bag to avoid any scratches on the precious musical quokka that is seated comfortably with its seat belt on the other side. Yes, we do consider the little details. ;) Last but not least, recycle the brown kraft box if you do not need it anymore. Your cats may love playing with it too!

Besides having a musician in everyone, we also believe that anyone can be an artist. So here is a bonus idea: To make your QT experience even better, why not personalise your very own Quokka Kalimba? If you are up for customising the instrument, either engage a professional artist or let your creative juices flow. Grab some art materials and paint away! This can even be a great bonding activity with family and friends. Or, if you prefer the classic, isn't a music-making quokka silhouette already delightful on its own? ;)

It's an absolute pleasure for our little quokka to meet you. Now, catch those inspirations before they are gone. Go have fun making therapeutic music while a tree is being planted thanks to your purchase. Cheers!

Quokka Tunes is honoured to be partnering with OneTreePlanted as an endeavour to give back to Planet Earth.

We are the humble #1 trailblazer in planting trees for every kalimba purchase since our launch in 2020,
thereafter inspiring many others to do the same. Be it through melodies, quokkas or trees, let's make a difference!


“I absolutely love the packaging. Secure and stylish. It came with all the accessories you need, a songbook and also a stand which pleasantly surprised me! The kalimba itself is so adorable and very well made. I had an awesome time painting on it, and I can't wait to keep learning new songs!!”

— Tamanna, Australia
“Finally a guide in full proper English! I like that the kalimba came with lightly greased keys that we can polish. I'm definitely having fun with this instrument.”

— Becca, United States
“The Quokka Kalimba has a very warm and welcoming feel to it. I fell in love with how light it is - important for beginners who practise a lot. Love the details and the brown shaded stickers. The stand is so thoughtful, I'm already using it to display the kalimba.”

— Sam, Philippines
“Unique design. My kids love it. Nice instrument producing soothing sounds, unlike most other kids instruments which can be loud and annoying... This really does have a calming effect.”

— Earl, Singapore
Our Story

Quokka Tunes is a small family business led by a husband-and-wife duo with a passion for music, nature and animals.

We enjoy going on adventures around the world, listening to the sounds of nature and humming our own tunes as we go. The idea of sharing a fun and portable musical instrument thus sprouted.

We love the simplicity of learning and playing a kalimba - not to mention, its soothing sounds and naturally calming effect. And by having the world's happiest animal on the kalimba, playing music becomes easy breezy.


Our Brand Philosophy

• Nature-inspired
Wood products use lesser embodied energy and leave significantly lower carbon footprints, hence are much friendlier to Earth than most materials. As we present to you responsibly-sourced wood, we also give back to nature through our partnership with OneTreePlanted in hope of encouraging more givers.
• Mindfulness
Music has been proven to enhance and harmonise the practice of mindfulness. It is always important for us to practise gratitude and look after our mental well-being. More than just entertainment, we value music as a positive therapy to unwind and find fulfilment, much like yoga and meditation.
At Quokka Tunes, we believe in lifelong learning. As we grow older in person each day, let us not forget to feed our minds regularly with fresh information and healthy challenges. Aim to learn new music and art frequently to keep our brains working. Let inspirations be our mind cardio.

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🌱Plant a tree today, either by purchasing a Quokka Tunes kalimba or making a donation at OneTreePlanted.

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